On Cape Cod we live on top of our water supply from the Bridges to Provincetown.     Consider and reflect on all the lawns, golf courses and public spaces that repeatedly apply nitrogen-loading fertilizers and chemical weed control treatments that then sink into the ground.  We support:
“The Mission of GreenCAPE is to encourage nontoxic methods of pest control, agriculture, home, garden, lawn and turf care and so eliminate hazards from our air and water. We are located on Cape Cod, Massachusetts.”

Sign up with the Center for Food Safety to support petitions via a simple click on your e-mail of ongoing concerning vital food safety issues:
Center for Food Safety
“The Center for Food Safety (CFS) is a non-profit public interest and environmental advocacy membership organization established in 1997 by its sister organization, International Center for Technology Assessment, for the purpose of challenging harmful food production technologies and promoting sustainable alternatives. CFS combines multiple tools and strategies in pursuing its goals, including litigation and legal petitions for rulemaking, legal support for various sustainable agriculture and food safety constituencies, as well as public education, grassroots organizing and media outreach.”

Just Say NO TO GMO’S
Informative overview of Genetically-Modified Organisms with useful links for more info & free bumper stickers:
"Genetic engineering biotechnology is an unprecedented intimate alliance between bad science and big business, which will spell the end of humanity as we know it, and of the world at large."  from Genetic Engineering - Dream or Nightmare? by Dr. Mae Wan Ho, a British scientist

Sign up with the Organic Consumers Association to support petitions and keep informed about the fight to protect organic food processing and labeling.  If possible, consider making a donation to help them in their fight.  We support:
Organic Consumers Association
“The Organic Consumers Association is a public interest organization dedicated to promoting health justice and sustainability. A central focus of the OCA is building a healthy, equitable, and sustainable system of food production and consumption. We are a global clearinghouse for information and grassroots technical assistance.”