Agri-culture vs. Agri-business

 "It is significant that the meaning and interpretation of the word agri-culture has changed from the interpretation 'to tend the land', which has connotations of stewardship and an ethical duty of care, to a modern interpretation which has a more artificial and financial setting as the word agriculture is being replaced by agri-business [Sydney University, 1995]."

The following links/articles are to help the consumer understand how food is grown and the impact of farming practices globally on the environment.  Many Americans are under the belief that the United States taxpayer subsidizes the American farmer.  The truth is the American taxpayer subsidizes crops and not the family farm itself.  There are three farming practices currently utilized in the United States:  organic farming practices, conventional farming practices using chemical-based pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and farming practices using a combination of conventional farming practices in addition to using patented, genetically-modified seeds.  The FDA and USDA has conducted no testing on the safety of genetically-modified organisms. 
The US Government relies on the studies submitted to them by the GMO companies as to the safety of their product. 
I know ... HUH???

Food is Power! 
[As a result, the GMO monoculture onslaught threatens plant species diversity everywhere. With full Washington and WTO backing, major biotech companies are patenting every plant imaginable in GMO form. By the beginning of the new millennium, Engdahl referred to a "Gene Revolution (as a) monsoon force in world agriculture" with four dominant companies controlling GMOs and related agrichemical markets" - Monsanto, DuPont, Dow Agrisciences and Syngenta in Switzerland from the merger of the agriculture divisions of Novartis and AstraZeneca.

The "world's number one" is Monsanto. The company was discussed in Part I of this review, and Engdahl quoted its chairman saying his goal is a global fusion of "three of the largest industries in the world - agriculture, food and health - that now operate (separately, but) changes....will lead to their integration." That was over seven years ago. Now it's happening.]
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We are stewards of the Earth.  One of the responsibilities of stewardship is to work in harmony with Mother Nature.  We have a responsibility to leave this planet a better place for our children and future generations.  Here's the good news.  Individually, we still have the ultimate power!  We vote not only on election day, but every day with our purchasing dollar to support one of these three farming practices.

We vote with our dollar...

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